Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lets talk Shit!

Not the nicest part of pet ownership, but a necessary evil, it struck me this morning how different it is between commercially fed and raw fed dogs.

That from Commercially fed dogs, is large, generally soft if not runny, stinks, and is dark brown to black in colour.

However that from raw fed animals is small, hard, bearly smells and is cream to white in colour.

This is quite important as the colouration of scat is obviously dependent on food, but also on dead blood cells.  Raw fed animals generally only produce something black and possibly runny if fed too much Liver or Heart (both extreamly high in blood).  However commercially fed dogs pass scat that colour all the time. Bearing in mind that the contents list assures us that there are not high quantities of blood in the commercial food, then it is more likely the dogs own dead blood being passed.

If this is the case then commercially fed dogs are killing off their own blood cells at a phenominal rate, much much higher than raw fed animals.

With so much energy having to go into new blood production, these dogs are much more likely to have a lowered immune system.

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