Saturday 27 August 2011

Behaviour Issues

If you have behaviour issues with your dog, unless it is due to a medical condition we can guarentee one thing, but you won't like it.

The problem is not the dog, it is the owner!

Not that we are assigning blame here, it is not your fault that you communicate in human and your dog interprets in wolf. Human is how you have been taught to communicate, and society tells you that your dog will understand. He/She does, he/she understands very well, but in wolf!

Mentally your dog is a wolf, part of a pack, with a den and anyone leaving the den can have no better or other reason than to hunt or establish and maintain pack territory.

Communication in a way that establishes that you and your pet understand eachother is the key to curbing behaviour and having a wonderful, fullfilling, productive, relaxed, relationship.

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